Flagstaff Unified School District, Northland Preparatory Academy continues mask requirement | education

“It’s important that we have the strongest possible damage control plan in place to help our employees, our students, and [their] Families, ”said NPA Superintendent David Lykins in his recommendation to continue the mask policy.

Most mandated schools were waiting for the verdict to make a decision. Masks were the order of the day at many meetings in September, and boards of directors concluded that after the verdict was announced, another meeting would be called.

“The board of directors [has] two things to consider, “Lykins said shortly before the verdict on Monday. “On the one hand, what are the legal consequences [and] Second, how is the health situation in our community? “

When the ruling was announced, several schools that had already scheduled meetings put a resolution on their mandates on the agenda.

“Based on these recent events, I recommend that the Board of Directors vote to maintain the district’s current face mask requirement unless and until [the] The verdict is suspended pending the outcome of all appeals, ”said Penca.

However, the approach of the NPA is slightly different. Rather than tying its mandate to future decisions, the school decided to go on indefinitely, with a plan to call additional meetings should more information become available.

“Will there be callings later? Yes sir. Will there be other things? Yes sir. But for now, local schools can … formulate their own process for their mask policy with no legal consequences, ”Lykins said during the NPA board meeting. “… We have the leeway to do this … and come back and check back when the numbers have dropped.”

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