Sisters wives Meri Brown’s former house lists for 800k

Sister Wives star Meri Brown’s Las Vegas home sold for just $ 574,900 on May 7, 2019. Now the home is being re-listed for a lot more than that. Kody seemed in such a hurry to move Flagstaff, fans never really got it. After all, they left so fast that they never sold their homes before. That, of course, led to financial problems in Arizona.

Sister wives Meri Brown’s house was sold penultimate

TLC fans know that Kody stressed out about finances when he first moved from Las Vegas. Janelle understood the rashness of his decision when she worked in the real estate industry. So it got hot as they faced an uncertain future. Christine’s house was reportedly sold for $ 600,000, but then it turned out to be a false positive. However, after several cuts in the asking price, they finally dumped it. However, this only happened after Meri’s house was sold. In fact, all of the other houses except Robyn were selling very slowly.

“Sister Wives”: Christine Brown’s house in Las Vegas has been lowered again

Home buyers, including that of Sister Wives star Meri Brown, may smell blood in the water. After all, the media made a big fuss about how slowly every single home was selling. In fact, a touch of desperation to get the money has likely got wise investors to pick up a bargain. Fortunately for Meri, she never had to cut prices as often as Christine. Even so, it first listed it at $ 599,900, but lowered the price to $ 574,900. Now it is trading at $ 800,000 just a short time later.

$ 800,000 asking price after some renovation

The Sun UK reported on June 3 that the house owned by Sister Wives star Meri went on sale for $ 799,000. Photos on Realtor show that filthy carpets have been replaced with tiles. In addition, Meri’s range of browns and matte colors has been replaced with light colors and some dark contrasts.

Photo credit: TLC | estate agents

As you can see in the before-and-after photos of the living room below, the drab mud colors Meri Brown chose only turned off potential buyers. Meri no longer owns a house and rents an apartment in Flagstaff. Additionally, she may regret the day she followed Kody to Arizona with no sign of development on the Coyote Pass property. At least one thing in their favor is the fact that their BNB, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, is not available for sale to Kody. Remember, Meri increased the deposit without his help.

What do you think the house brings a lot more than what Sister Wives stars Kody and Meri got for it? In fairness there have been changes, but not incredibly expensive as it stands. Can you imagine what the rush to Flagstaff, Arizona should be relocating? Tone in the comments below.

Sister Wives Meri Brown Home Living Room Before and AfterPhoto credit: – TLC

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