The Downtown Phoenix non-profit organization needs water donations for the homeless

TypePad Sunday: Nonprofit organization in Downtown Phoenix needs water donations for the homeless

. Ty Brennan from FOX 10 reports.

As Arizona summer temperatures rise, so does the need for bottled water for the Human Services Campus (HSC), which serves the homeless.

From May to October, the nonprofit in downtown Phoenix distributes 60,000 bottles of water each month. Now that summer is just around the corner, they want to get their water donation going at full speed.

The Human Services Campus occupies 13 hectares in the city where 16 non-profit organizations provide services and resources for the homeless. Every first Saturday of the month, HSC hosts a large drive-through water donation.

Donations went down last month, so they hope to make up for this in the coming months.

“Having this availability and not having to worry about buying and donating water plays a big role,” said a spokesman for the HSC.

This year they are relying on plastic water bottles more than ever. Reusable water bottles are not used due to COVID-19.

HSC is also looking for clothing donations, and monetary donations are also welcome.

Donations for the Human Services Campus:

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