The New York Times criticized a full-page ad condemning pro-Palestinian celebrities for their views

Oscar-nominated director Farah Nabulsi writes about the Palestinian plight for The Hollywood Reporter

DUBAI: British-Palestinian Oscar-nominated filmmaker Farah Nabulsi penned a comment for The Hollywood Reporter on Friday in which he weighed the Israeli-Palestinian tribute to the Palestinian creative community as well as a handful of American celebrities.

“Amid the mourning for those killed in Gaza and anger over the Israeli bombing of a blocked area with strikes that devastate skyscrapers and wipe out families, there is a lot of support for our rights and plight unlike any other seen once, ”she wrote.

The filmmaker behind BAFTA winner “Th Present” added that “Palestinians under Israeli military occupation have experienced high levels of dehumanization and violence” in Gaza, Jerusalem and the West Bank.

In his statement to The Hollywood Reporter, Nabulsi highlighted a number of cases of harm to the Palestinian creative community, including actress Maisa Abd Elhadi, a UK Channel 4 star of Baghdad Central, who was reportedly shot and wounded by Israelis Forces during a recent demonstration in Haifa.

“Palestinian filmmakers, actors and artists who have already been badly hit by the COVID-19 pandemic are now hit by the Israeli government’s attacks on all fronts,” she added.

Nabulsi also praised the small group of Hollywood celebrities who spoke out about the conflict.

“Actors like Susan Sarandon, Viola Davis, Mark Ruffalo, Idris Elba, Natalie Portman, Lena Headey and Danny Glover have expressed their public support for Palestinians – be it for those Palestinians who are struggling to keep their homes in Jerusalem, or for the emergency situation in the Gaza Strip under Israeli bombs … Such statements and their reinforcement of the voices for justice point to a seismic shift in the perception of Israel and the Palestinians, in turn, help to broaden and deepen it. “

“We see a narrative being transformed, and it cannot come too soon.”

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